About Us

Envad Technologies is a leader in Environmental Solutions. From Waste Recycling to Wastewater Treatment and Renewable Energies, Envad’s team of engineering experts is here to provide innovative bespoke solutions that cater for your every environmental needs.

Envad draws experience from a wide range of industries including aerospace, power generation, oil & gas and infrastructure and develop cutting edge engineering solutions specifically designed to enhance the environmental performance of complex engineering operations. Our designs are especially effective in traditionally energy intensive industries.

Our Core Values

Waste is Useful

We create useful energy from materials others throw away.

Waste not want not

We only produce what is necessary. By moving most of our processes into the digital domain, we have kept wastage to a minimium.

Strive Not to waste

We scrutinise everything we do and ensure we extract as much usefulness out of our produce.

Meet The Team​

Dr. EC

VP Engineering

Over 20 years leading mega engineering projects in the energy sector

Dr. PW

VP Projects

Over 25 yeaers experience in building and constcution



Principal Process Consultants

Over 30 years experiecne designing and operating recycling and wastewater treatment plants


Project Director

Over 35 years, handling over 100 projects with a portfolio totoaling over US$30 billion 

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